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We all know how even the tiniest stone hitting the windscreen of a car can leave a small but dangerous crack. It's essential to act on this immediately, to keep yourself and others safe while driving, and to prevent further damage. Regarding windscreen replacement in Romford, the best way to ensure the quality results and professional service you need is by engaging a reputable specialist. For a quick car windscreen replacement quote in Romford, please call 0800 054 1080. At Chips Ahoy Windscreens, we cover all areas in Essex; cars, vans and trucks. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of going with a specialist windscreen replacement in Romford and share some essential tips for selecting the right one. We'll also help by offering three top picks in the area, making your search for windscreen replacement services more accessible. So buckle up, and let's begin our journey to finding the perfect windscreen replacement specialist in Romford!

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Quick Explanation of Replacing Your Windscreen in Romford

Many auto repair shops and garages in Romford offer windscreen replacement services. Before deciding, you can compare pricing, reviews and services between the different businesses.

If you live in Romford, Brentwood or Grays and need some advice, please get in touch at 0800 054 1080.

Windscreen Replacement Services in Romford

Chips Ahoy’s windscreen replacement services in Romford provide a unique and quality-oriented alternative to traditional vehicle repair shops. Many people visit Romford, just outside London, for its convenient service options and abundant professionals, such as windshield installation technicians. With an experienced team of trained professionals and a wide selection of windscreens designed to fit various makes and models, your car’s windshield can be replaced quickly and efficiently.

Using experts knowledgeable about the different types of materials used for replacement windshields is critical for those who wish to guarantee the highest quality results. Whether you have a van, car or truck, we have you covered.

Two types of material are used; glass polish (which can leak or cause noise) or polycarbonate resin (which offers superior soundproofing and doesn’t require curing time after installation). Whichever type you decide on, it’s essential to use a qualified installer since improper installation can result in damage, requiring additional repairs.

The availability and cost of windscreen replacement services in Romford vary by provider. Most providers offer reasonable rates and same-day appointments, which is great for busy customers. Still, if you are looking for exceptional care and craftsmanship, custom orders may be more expensive but will also yield better results. Additionally, shop for the best prices to save money without sacrificing quality.

As part of your shopping around, call us so that you can compare us with others. The best number to get us on is 0800 054 1080.

Finally, convenience and reliability should be considered when choosing between local stores or mobile companies for windscreen replacement services in Romford. Mobile companies come right where the vehicle is parked, so you don’t need to take your car yourself. The technician handles everything on site and provides an accurate estimate before beginning work, so customers know what they’re paying beforehand.

In conclusion, selecting the right company for windscreen replacement services in Romford requires researching mobile and traditional locations to ensure all needs are met while staying within budget. This leads us to our next topic – mobile windscreen replacement services – that allow customers to receive help at their homes or workplaces with little effort.

Essential Summary Points

Windscreen replacement services in Romford provide a unique quality-oriented alternative to traditional vehicle repair shops. Customers should use knowledgeable technicians, choose between glass or polycarbonate materials, shop around for the best prices, and consider local stores and mobile companies for convenience and reliability. 

Mobile windscreen replacement services allow customers to get help at home or at their workplace.

Mobile Windscreen Replacement Services

Mobile windscreen replacement services offer valuable convenience for those needing their windshields replaced in Romford. Instead of coming to a shop, the service sends technicians directly to the customer’s location – home or work – and performs the replacement there. This relieves the customer of taking time off from their day, driving to a shop, and waiting while the repair is done. However, some factors that may detract from this convenience should be considered before opting for mobile windscreen replacement services.

Firstly, not all types of windshields can be replaced in a mobile fashion. Specific models may require special equipment or infrastructure not afforded by being “in the field”. Furthermore, mobile repair is not always cost-effective for customers far from a shop. The technician’s travel and labour costs arrive at the customer due to the nature of the mobile repair, meaning further expenses on long-distance trips.

Although repair shops offer a mobile service, we are purely mobile and can offer competitive prices.

Finally, quality can also suffer when relying on mobile windscreen replacement services as fewer resources and tools are available than typically in a repair shop. Though exceptional technicians exist in this space and do offer excellent replacements on-site, it cannot be guaranteed the same degree of quality that can be assured with fixed workshop repair equipment and detailed processes.

Overall, mobile windscreen replacement services are convenient for those needing quick repairs. Still, these advantages must be weighed against potential drawbacks such as limited accessibility and reduced quality assurance measures. In the next section, we shall discuss alternative options in Romford – specifically windscreen repair services – which may provide better customer results depending on their needs.

  • Windshield replacement is the safest and most cost-effective option for repairing cracked or damaged automotive glass.
  • It is estimated that over 11 million windshield replacements have been done in the US alone during 2020.
  • According to an analysis of auto insurance claims, windshield damage is the most common type of motor vehicle claim in the UK, accounting for 25% of all claims filed.

Windscreen Repair Services in Romford

In Romford, windscreen repair services are widely available and popular because it is cheaper and quicker than replacing a whole windscreen. However, not all damage can be repaired effectively: assessing whether repairs will provide satisfactory results is critical.

On the one hand, scratches and cracks up to 30 cm long can usually be repaired using specialised tools. Seldomly is it recommended that the entire windscreen be replaced if the damage cannot be repaired safely and effectively without compromising visibility or structural integrity. On the other hand, chips caused by stones might be able to be repaired relatively quickly; this process involves injecting resin into the chip, allowing it to dry and smoothing it over with a unique tool afterwards. This usually stops the crack from getting any bigger and might also improve the clarity of vision.

Though windscreen repair services in Romford aim to provide quality results and professional service, it is essential to remember that sometimes replacing the whole windscreen is advised for safety reasons. So, before considering what repair option to take, weigh whether repairing or replacing would provide superior results.

We offer a windscreen chip repair, and to book it, call 0800 054 1080.

Now that we have covered windscreen repair services in Romford let’s discuss typical damage and repairs in our next section.

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Common Windscreen Damage & Repairs

Typical windscreen damage includes chips and cracks caused by microscopic debris like stones, gravel and road salt. Unfortunately, not all damage can be repaired, and sometimes the glass needs to be replaced entirely – but in many cases, a professional repairman can take care of minor windscreen damage.

When it comes to repairs, the newer your car and its windscreen, the more successful a repair job will likely be. If you’re unsure whether to replace or repair your windshield glass, a qualified windscreen repairer should be able to advise. Generally, cars with modern windshields made of laminated glass can often be restored, while older or single-paned windows can only be replaced.

Windscreens with a stone chip or cracks larger than two inches wide typically cannot be repaired as there may not be enough structural integrity left for a patch-up, and therefore, replacement is advised. Additionally, vehicle safety standards require that any repair is done by skilled professionals using specialized products unless the chip is less than 1/4 inch in diameter.

It is argued that repairs should always take priority over replacements as they’re quicker, cheaper and better for the environment since they consume fewer resources. On the other hand, there must also be considerations around cost savings versus water tightness and visibility when deciding between repair or replacement options – as even a successful repair could compromise the aesthetic appeal or structural integrity of the vehicle due to odd bends/distortions stemming from imperfections in reassembly.

Therefore, one must seek an experienced professional who can assess the extent of the damage before initiating a course of action to ensure an optimal job outcome.

At Chips Ahoy Windscreens, we meet all of the above requirements, so please give us a call, and we’ll provide you with an unbeatable quote.

Be sure to follow these tips for choosing a windscreen repair company in Romford when selecting a business for safely restoring your car’s pride and joy; this information can be found in the following section.

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Tips for Choosing a Windscreen Repair Company in Romford

Choosing the right company for windscreen replacement in Romford is an important decision, and there are a few essential tips to consider before making a decision. First and foremost, ensure that the chosen auto glass repair shop is licensed and insured. This will protect your vehicle from any damage during the repair process. 

Secondly, do your research and get multiple quotes from at least three different companies to determine which one offers the best value. Ensure they have experienced technicians who can guarantee the best results in quality and reliability.

It can also be beneficial to ask around for recommendations from friends and family who have had their windscreens replaced recently. Friends, family, or co-workers may have had a positive experience with a specific company and can provide an honest opinion on their services.

Finally, it’s important to double-check the warranty associated with each product or service being offered. Many companies offer limited warranties that only cover specific repairs or replacements, so make sure you pick a company that has the most generous coverage available.

All these factors should be considered when choosing a windscreen repair company in Romford for windscreen replacement. The next step after finding the right provider is determining how much this repair will cost. Therefore, in the next section, we will explore how much replacing a windscreen in Romford costs.

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Quick and clean job! They gave me the appointment the day after I called and they were adjusting with my schedule! Alex has been very informative and friendly and he manage to explain me all the steps required to fix it.I never write review, but this is well deserved!
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Alex called 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time to let me know that he would be on time, on arrival he was well presented and give sound advice on a minor mark on the screen. The repair was completed to a high standard with no fuss.
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This windscreen replacement was to a professional standard very quick and I am very pleased with this service of which they provide .thank you
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Was so quick and kind I recommend it to everyone
Samantha HuckerSamantha Hucker
15:13 13 Dec 23
Fantastic service. Called them at 10am querying price and availability to re-seal a windscreen, that was no longer secure. They came out within 5 hours in the pouring rain, removed and re-sealed the screen. Fantastic guys that done the work (Alex I think) and a huge shout to Anthony who took the call and ensured someone would come out same day. I cant thank and praise these guys enough, great job A*****
abbie surfaceabbie surface
13:11 01 Dec 23
Enquired online yesterday and a new window was fitted this afternoon by Alex. Service was excellent and very fast - Great communication - Would 100% recommend.
Lee RidgwellLee Ridgwell
18:06 10 Oct 23
Polite and professional. No complaints here. Was assured a universal trim would look better than the old tatty trim and it really does. Great job guys!
Kim SalesKim Sales
21:16 26 Sep 23
Chips ahoy repaired my windshield first class job , willDefinitely use them again ???????? Tony in Corringham
Antony GausdenAntony Gausden
09:19 22 Sep 23
Very professional. Alex was polite and wellTrainedEven when it started to rain he made sure he finished all in all a very good job with excellent staff thankyou
Refocus Project LtdRefocus Project Ltd
10:04 16 Sep 23
I used Chips Ahoy and they came out to my address and did a great job and I would recommend them to everyone. They gave a good friendly service and arrived promptly and the job was done quickly and to a very high standard. Thank you!
05:48 16 Sep 23
Great service. Was qlvery quick. Bit of a hiccup with timings but I am happy with the service.
Kirsty SkinnerKirsty Skinner
13:22 07 Sep 23
Called for a quote and had it fitted by the following morning. Fab service. Second time using Chips ahoy and recommend to everyone I know. Cheapest company by a mile. Thanks for providing a great service at short notice and rest price ????
mark stattmark statt
13:05 01 Sep 23
Excellent communication and polite next day service delivered by Alex.1st class repair of two stone chips which has more than met my expectations with affected area barely visible now. This service has saved me a costly windscreen. I will use this company again. Highly recommended.
Giauri PatelGiauri Patel
18:19 13 Jul 23
Had a windscreen replaced a few weeks ago - apart from the slight mix up with booking dates there is nothing to fault! Got a windscreen within 2 days at a price lowest out of 5 quotes! Fitted by Darren who was very efficient and polite!
Giacomo PellegriniGiacomo Pellegrini
10:12 16 Jun 23
Amazing company! They managed to fit me in with a very short notice and with a competitive price. Darren, the friendly guy who came to fit the windscreen has done an amazing job. The car was ready to go in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are there any mobile windscreen replacement services in Romford?

Yes, there are mobile windscreen replacement services available in Romford. Many local garages and auto repair shops offer this service, often at a discounted rate compared to larger dealerships. Additionally, several companies specialize in mobile windscreen replacement, bringing expertise and skill to your door. These mobile services provide convenience and quality results; they come equipped with the necessary tools and materials to do the job quickly and efficiently. Choosing a professional and reputable service ensures quality results lasting for years.

What are the costs of windscreen replacement in Romford?

The windscreen replacement cost in Romford depends on a few factors, including the type of vehicle and the window size. Generally, a primary windscreen replacement job can cost anywhere from £130 to £450. The larger the window, the higher the price, or if unique materials or components are needed to complete the job. Shopping around for quotes and comparing services offered is essential to finding the best deal.

Are there any companies in Romford that specialize in windscreen replacement?

There are undoubtedly many companies in Romford that specialize in windscreen replacement. One of the most reliable and experienced providers is The Windscreen Experience, which has been helping customers for over 20 years. Their team of experienced professionals can help you choose the best windscreen replacement option for your unique needs, using the highest quality products from leading manufacturers to ensure top-notch results. They also offer various vehicle safety services, including chip repair and headlight alignment. Additionally, all work is fully insured and guaranteed for 12 months, allowing you peace of mind when replacing your windscreen.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Windscreen in Romford?

The cost of replacing a windscreen in Romford varies greatly depending on the type and size of the windscreen. While a basic replacement can cost as little as £130, more complex work may require additional components or special tools, which could drive the overall costs up to several hundred pounds. Prices may also vary considerably from one garage or repair shop to another.

For those who wish to keep their costs down, it’s best to research different companies to find one offering competitive rates for windscreen replacements in Romford. Additionally, many garages offer discounts for students or senior citizens.

Another option to reduce costs is buying used or aftermarket parts instead of brand-new ones. However, it’s essential to be aware of the risks associated with doing so; parts that have suffered damage over time can compromise the integrity of the whole vehicle and will not meet the same safety standards as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, leading to potential problems down the line. Ultimately, it is up to the individual consumer whether they are willing to accept these risks and choose this option.

No matter what you decide regarding cost-saving measures, you must take your time and ensure you get a quality product regardless of price – after all, your safety could be at stake!

Finally, looking into potential payment options such as financing or instalment plans is a good idea – especially if you need significant repairs that exceed your budget. This way, you can avoid making a large upfront payment and knowing precisely what you are paying for ahead of time can provide peace of mind when considering significant replacements such as windscreens.
In conclusion, windscreen replacement in Romford can range between £130 and several hundred pounds depending on size and complexity. Buying used or aftermarket parts might be an option if one wishes to reduce costs, but with that come certain risks. Several payment options are available for those who need significant repairs but cannot afford them upfront. The experience should be professional yet cost-efficient without compromising on quality. In the following section, we shall discuss ways customers can ensure they get professional service and quality results.


A windscreen replacement in Romford is a delicate service that needs to be taken seriously. Not all auto services can provide quality and professional results. Therefore, you must do adequate research before selecting a trusted service provider.

On the one hand, knowing the risks posed by DIY kits and windscreen repairs are undertaken without the proper qualifications and equipment is essential. Whilst these can seem more cost-efficient in the short term, these solutions may not consistently deliver lasting results and could prove more expensive in the long run if complications arise.

On the other hand, however, appropriate precautions should also be taken to ensure you get good value for money when selecting a professional service provider. Ensure their credentials are checked out, and their rates are competitive with the broader market.

Overall, it is crucial to understand that windscreen replacement is essential for your vehicle’s safety and requires proper attention to ensure utmost satisfaction with the results. Taking steps such as researching ethical auto services or seeking recommendations from trusted sources can help guarantee a stress-free process. You can rest assured knowing you have made the right decision.

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