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Dealing with Windscreen Damage on the

Driving on the charming roads of the United Kingdom is usually a joy, despite the occasional potholes. However, unexpected situations can quickly turn a pleasant journey into a challenging one. One such challenge is a damaged windscreen. Whether it’s a small chip or a large crack, a damaged windscreen not only blocks your view but also puts your vehicle’s structure at risk. In this article, Chips Ahoy Windscreens will help you navigate emergency windscreen repairs while driving in the UK.

Step 1: Check the Damage

When you notice damage to your windscreen, start by assessing how bad it is. Is it a small chip? Or is it a bigger crack? If it’s a chip smaller than a £1 coin, you might be able to repair it. But if it’s a longer crack, you most likely will need a new windscreen. Knowing the extent of the damage helps you decide if you need help right away or if you can keep driving to your destination safely.

Step 2: Stay Safe

Safety should be your priority. If the damage makes it hard to see, no matter how small, find a safe place to stop quickly. This could be a layby, a parking lot, or anywhere away from traffic. Driving with a damaged view is risky for you and others on the road. At this point you should consider vehicle recovery. You could leave your vehicle in a safe space and some windscreen professionals will travel to the location of your car, if it is safe to carry out the replacement.

Step 3: Prevent More Damage

While you wait for help, you can do a few things to stop the damage from getting worse. Putting clear tape over the damage helps keep out dirt and water, which can make fixing it easier later. But don’t try to fix it yourself, as this might make it harder for a professional to repair or replace the windscreen and end up costing you more.

Step 4: Think About Insurance

If you have fully comprehensive auto insurance, it might cover windscreen repairs or a new windscreen. But be aware that this could affect your premium insurance costs, even if you have a no claims discount. If you talk to your insurance company about the damage and potential costs, remember to ask about how it could impact your premiums. Some UK insurers offer windscreen coverage, which can help with repair or replacement costs. Have your insurance details ready when you call. At Chips Ahoy Windscreens, we advise, when possible, to pay privately to avoid an increase in hidden premiums. Nevertheless, we do carry out insurance work too.

Step 5: Call a Professional Windscreen Service

In the UK, many professionals can repair or replace your windscreen. Most are mobile services and can even come to you. Some of these services are available 24/7 for emergencies, so you can get back on the road faster. Make sure you pick a service that’s trustworthy and skilled, like Chips Ahoy Windscreens. Choosing a windscreen service that are not reliable can cause further issues, such as: leaks, damaged sensors, damage to body work and more. Give us a call today!

Step 6: Take Pictures

Before any repairs start, take photos of the damage for your insurance claim. Capture clear pictures from different angles so the extent of the damage is clear. These photos can help as proof if you need to make a claim later.

Step 7: Know Your Rights

As a UK consumer, you have rights when it comes to vehicle repairs. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says repairs should be done well and in a reasonable time. If you’re not happy with the repair work, you have the right to ask the repair service to fix it.

Step 8: Temporary Fixes

If you’re far from help, you can use temporary solutions to stay safe while driving. We do encourage drivers to avoid temporary windscreen repair kits. These kits claim to help stop the damage from getting worse and improve your view but can unfortunately cost you more in the long run. Remember, these fixes are temporary, and you should get proper repairs as soon as possible. If a boot glass or back window is damaged, you can cover this with cling film or a bag to drive home safely.

Step 9: Be Prepared

Even though you can’t predict windscreen damage, it’s smart to be ready. Keep the contact details of good windscreen repair services, like Chips Ahoy windscreens in your vehicle. Also, have a basic emergency kit with things like tape, and your insurance information. Being prepared helps you handle unexpected situations better.

Step 10: Drive Carefully

After your windscreen is fixed, drive carefully, especially in bad weather. You can usually drive away immediately. It takes time for a new windscreen to set completely, so avoid sudden temperature changes that could damage it. It is also important to not wash your car for one week after a replacement.

In conclusion, dealing with windscreen damage while driving in the UK can be stressful. But with the right steps, you can handle it well. Put safety first, assess the damage, talk to your insurer, and get professional help if needed. By being prepared and informed, unexpected challenges won’t ruin your travel on the beautiful roads of the United Kingdom. Chips Ahoy Windscreens are always happy to help any customers in need. We are usually able to get you safely back on the road the next day! Don’t hesitate to call Chips Ahoy Windscreens today.